Valencia County 1990 Census 45,235
  1995 65,000
  2000 Census 66,152
    46.2% increase in 10 years
  Future Expectations  
  2005 69,120
  2010 76,902
  2015 84,541
Rio Communities 1995 4,500
  1998 5,645
New Mexico 1990 Census 1,151,069
  2000 Census 1,819,046
    20.1% increase


Household facts  
Households in county 15,170
Average family persons 3.27
Married couple homes 9,631
Female head of house 1,689
Living alone 2,626
Persons per home 2.89
Mean number of rooms in home 5.2
Rental units 2.520



Daytime temperatures average in the low 50's during the winter and low 20's at night. Snow is not frequent and when it does snow, it generally disappears within a few hours. Summer temperatures average 95 degrees during the hottest months, with lows in the 60's at night.

Average annual precipitation ranges from seven to ten inches. Relative humidity averages 52% and sunshine is recorded at about 77% of daylight hours.



Alexander Municipal Airport is located on the west mesa. Mid-Valley Airport is about halfway between Belen and Los Lunas, which is 10 miles to the north. Albuquerque International Airport is 30 miles north.

Long distance travel by bus is accessible in the area. Taxi service is also available. Amtrak train service is available in Albuquerque.



Belen - Mayor, council, four-year terms, with manager.

Valencia County - Five commissioners, four-year terms, with manager.


Fees and Taxes

Property taxes on a home and property valued at $60,000 are approximately $418 per year.

New Mexico motor vehicle fees effective July 1, 1994 - $21 for passenger cars less than five years old, one to 2,000 pounds; $30 for passenger cars less than five years old, 2,001 - 3,000 pounds; and $43 for passenger cars less than five years old weighing over 3,001 pounds. Fees for vehicles more than five years old are less. Motorcycle fees are $12.



Average new, three bedroom homes are $89,000 - $105,000 in Rio Communities.



The school district is composed of six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school with a total of about 4,300 students enrolled.

A comprehensive curriculum is offered in elementary school including language arts, reading, math, social studies, health, science, art, music and computer literacy. Middle school students are housed in a relatively new building and offered a variety of activities as well as instructional time.

The staff, students and parents work cooperatively to provide a productive learning environment, opportunities for individual growth and increased communication.

The schools offer several special programs including Bilingual Education, Chapter One for children experiencing difficulties in language arts and Special Education.

Founded in 1928, St. Mary's School enrollment encompasses 200 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. As a Catholic private school which accepts students of all faiths, St. Mary's serves the students of Valencia County with alternative education offering a solid spiritual, moral and intellectual  basis in a Christian atmosphere.

La Mesa Community School is a kindergarten through 12th grade facility focusing on instruction according to a Christian philosophy of education. The school offers personalized instruction using a variety of curriculum materials. Organized sports are offered at La Mesa and the school is a member of the Southwest Christian Athletic Association which has offered competition in several sports.

The University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus is located in Tome, midway between Belen and Los Lunas. The two-year post secondary institution offers associate degrees and certificates and is capable of providing specialized training programs for industry. The Small Business Development Center offers a wide range of services for area businesses.

A variety of pre-schools and day care facilities are available throughout the area.


Labor Analysis

County labor force, 24,125; number of employed, 21,951; unemployment rate, 5.1percent.

Average weekly wages (12/92) - manufacturing, $380.49; construction, $358.92; retail, $244.41; service, $297.74.

Income: per capita (1993) $14,489



Companies includes Avonite, Cavco, The Lime Plant, Mesa Oil Company, New Mexico Travertine, Sabinal Vineyards, Sisneros Brothers Manufacturing, Solo Cup and United Dessicants. Industrial parks are located south of Rio Communities on Highway 304 and south of Belen off Old Highway 85.


Recreation/Sites to See

There are many sites in and around the area to be enjoyed by the public. Among these are:

The Harvey House
P & M Farm Museum
Salinas National Monument
John F. Kennedy Campground
Willie M. Chavez State Park
Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge
Valencia Flour Mill


Quality of Life

The area includes public recreational facilities and a country club with tennis, swimming and 27 holes of golf.

Nearby mountains and a lush river valley enhance life in Valencia County.

Two local industrial parks are home to light industrial businesses. The area is actively seeking more local business partners.



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